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Making co-parenting work

Co-parenting can be a challenging part of the post-divorce process, particularly if the divorce is not amicable. However, mastering co-parenting can allow both parents to play an integral part in their kids’ lives long term. Here are a few tips for navigating...

What to expect from the divorce process

When your marriage is over, there are various things in your life that you will have to adjust to and navigate that may feel overwhelming or confusing. For example, you may need to switch homes, or you may have to adjust to seeing your children less frequently. These...

Navigating divorce later in life

The divorce process in Missouri can deal a significant financial blow to an individual’s finances, but more older females than males still initiate divorce. Research suggests 66 percent of women age 50 or older file for divorce. Here is a rundown on why women choose...

How to make the divorce process easier

The divorce process in Missouri can feel emotionally tumultuous whether two people have been married for five years or 25 years. However, good communication and agreement on long-term goals can help make the divorce process more amicable. Here are a few tips for...

What happens to debt during divorce?

After making the decision to divorce, you know that various areas of your life will change quickly. As you consider how your life will change and what you can expect going forward, it is beneficial to consider how you can protect your financial interests. Not only...

Tips for parents navigating divorce

Unfortunately, a marital breakup in Missouri can take an emotional toll on the spouses involved, but their children may also feel the effects. How the parents behave may further affect their children and even the divorce proceeding’s outcome. Here are a couple of tips...

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