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Experienced Legal Representation For Child Support Issues

If you are faced with complicated child support issues, you need an experienced attorney to protect your interests. At the Clayton, Missouri, Law Office of Amy L. Gervich, we have extensive experience in these matters and will work closely with you to help you receive a fair outcome in your case.

While these issues can become very contentious, we remain focused on protecting your child’s best interests. We help both mothers and fathers throughout Greater St. Louis who are seeking to establish or contest parental rights after a divorce.

Helping You Do What Is Best For Your Children

At the Law Office of Amy L. Gervich, our dedicated family law lawyer will provide quality personal service and help our clients with a broad range of matters related to child support, including:

  • Paternity
  • Custody and visitation
  • Retroactive child support
  • Calculating proper child support amounts
  • Modifications
  • Birth certificate name changes
  • Child care expenses

Paternity: The First Step In The Child Support Process

Before any child support agreement can be worked out, paternity needs to be established. At the Law Office of Amy L. Gervich, we represent both mothers and fathers in paternity cases — mothers who are seeking to establish the legal father of the child, and fathers who want to exercise their parental rights or defend themselves against false paternity claims. Once paternity is determined, we can begin ascertaining the proper levels of child support.

Our child support attorney has extensive experience in these cases and will keep you informed throughout the entire process so you’ll always know what options are available to you. Contact us online or call 866-942-1169 today to learn more about how we can help you resolve your child support issues.

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