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January 2018 Archives

Dividing valuable artwork in a divorce

When couples get divorced in Missouri, part of the separation process involves dividing up any property has been acquired during the marriage. In cases where spouses cannot reach an agreement, a judge may be asked to decide how marital property should be split. When the marital assets include valuable works of art, property division can be quite tricky.

Divorce can lead to family expansion

For people in Missouri considering divorce, loneliness or separation from family can be a major concern. However, the growth of divorce in general and particularly among older Americans has also meant the expansion and broadening of understandings of family to include stepparents, stepchildren, half-siblings and other parts of an extended family. Family structures have grown increasingly large and complex along with the broader acceptance of divorce in American society.

A divorce's impact on credit

There are multiple ways a divorce can affect the credit of Missouri couples. The actions that they may have to take during the divorce process can have a lasting, negative impact on their credit. To transfer the family home into the name of just one spouse, it may be necessary to refinance the mortgage. This will result in a close examination of one's credit and may result in one person being saddled with additional debt.

Stepparent adoption brings families closer

Your life changed forever when you married. Whether you had children of your own or experienced it for the first time with your spouse's child, you understand now why people are willing to sacrifice so much for their children. While your family feels complete, you want to take your relationship to the next logical step.