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At the Law Office of Amy L. Gervich, our family law attorneys work to develop positive solutions to difficult problems. We are caring counselors who provide advice to people going through difficult times. We are also strong advocates for our clients, working tenaciously to protect their rights.

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Experienced St. Louis Family Law Attorneys

The Law Office of Amy L. Gervich handles all types of family law matters, ranging from uncontested divorces to highly contentious, litigated divorces. Our firm can also address other matters such as child custody, visitation, child support, modifications and motions for contempt. We have particular experience in litigation in proposed child relocations and complex property division cases.

We work diligently to protect our clients' rights and interests at all stages of the legal process and to achieve our clients' goals. We never forget the personal impact that a family law problem has on our client however. We will be there for you through thick and thin, standing up for your rights and providing compassionate and candid counsel.

What You Can Expect

When you work with our firm, your attorney will carefully explain your legal options in honest, straightforward language. You will understand what will happen, when it will happen and why it will happen. You will be able to make informed decisions as your case moves forward. During the legal process, we will keep you informed of important developments. When you call with questions or concerns, we will respond promptly. The Law Office of Amy L. Gervich will be your strong advocate, working diligently to achieve your goals, quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

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