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Splitting a business during a divorce

As anyone who's been divorced in Missouri will testify, the entire process can be very emotionally draining for all concerned parties. Should there be a valuable asset such as a business that needs to be split, things can get even worse, especially if both individuals were involved in growing the business. According to the amount of effort and money invested into the business, the whole process can become quite personal to either party, eradicating any sense of objectivity they might need to negotiate fairly. Moreover, the possibility of one individual trying to defraud the other person by devaluing the company on the books or hiding debts can make matters tense.

Abusers use children to maintain control after a divorce

Although many Missouri courts operate under the belief that children generally benefit the most when both parents remain in their lives, there are certain circumstances where this can be detrimental. For example, children could be at risk if the courts give custody rights to an abusive or violent parent. Even so, the courts are simply not set up to properly ensure that all children with abusive parents remain safe.

Supporting children emotionally during and after divorce

Missouri parents who are considering ending their marriages often delay doing so because they worry about how their children will cope with the separation. Some exes find it helpful to keep the advice of family therapists in mind when trying to help their children through the divorce process.

Is your soon-to-be ex hiding assets from you?

You may be like many spouses who are content to let your partner take care of the finances. Payday comes, and your spouse pays the bills on time. Perhaps you have some investments, life insurance and other monthly transactions you left up to your spouse. As long as no problems arose, you were happy remaining in the dark.

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