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Tips for parents navigating divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2023 | Divorce |

Unfortunately, a marital breakup in Missouri can take an emotional toll on the spouses involved, but their children may also feel the effects. How the parents behave may further affect their children and even the divorce proceeding’s outcome. Here are a couple of tips for making the divorce process as smooth as possible for the entire family.  

How to make divorce easier when children are involved 

A common mistake parents make when going through divorce is posting hurtful, attacking and disturbing content about their future exes on social media. These rants often carry weight in court and will likely be construed against the person posting the negative information. The judge might determine that a party ranting online is not fit to have sole or even joint legal custody. In extreme cases, the court may order that parenting time with the children be limited to supervised visits Online posts may hurt the credibility of the poster when it comes to child custody. 

Another mistake some individuals make during a divorce is badmouthing the other party in front of the children. This may confuse the kids because they find their identities in both parents. Agreeing to speak objectively with each other when the children are present may help prevent unnecessary tension for the kids. 

Enlisting the help of an attorney 

A parent going through a divorce in Missouri would be wise to hire an attorney as soon as possible. The attorney can help the parent negotiate a parenting plan that reflects the wishes of both parties and the best interests of the children regarding matters such as child custody and child support. The attorney will work to ensure a client’s rights are protected during each stage of the divorce proceeding. 

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