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How to shield kids from divorce’s emotional effects

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2023 | Divorce |

The divorce process can present many emotional turns and twists, especially when young children are involved. However, parents going through a divorce can take steps to minimize the anxiety their marital breakup may cause their kids. Here are a couple of ways parents can protect their children’s mental health when getting divorced in Missouri.  

Strategies for reducing the effects of divorce on kids 

Parents can help children emotionally during divorce proceedings by encouraging them to express how they feel without worrying about hurting the feelings of their parents. This is critical for creating a safe, no-judgment space for the children and maintaining open communication with them. Validating the children’s experience may help empower them as they navigate their parents’ divorce. 

Working with a family therapist might also benefit the entire family when feelings become intense. Therapy may help all parties process their feelings and learn helpful coping strategies. In this way, a therapist may help support the emotional well-being of the parents and the children. 

How an attorney can help 

Figuring out how to make the divorce process easier on one’s children emotionally can be a challenging feat. However, if both parents can find common ground in areas such as child custody and child support, they may be able to settle the divorce outside of court, which is generally less stressful than traditional divorce litigation. A divorce attorney in Missouri can help a parent going through divorce to pursue a fair and comprehensive agreement while keeping the parent’s and children’s best interests at the forefront of the divorce proceeding. 

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