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Navigating the emotional part of a divorce

On Behalf of | May 31, 2023 | Divorce |

Figuring out how to handle the emotional challenges of divorce can be overwhelming. Many people facing these challenges feel like a pinball, going from one crisis to the next. But it does not have to be that way. There are a couple of strategies that may help divorcing individuals in Missouri cope with this major life transition successfully. These include creating healthy self-messaging and engaging support. 

Personal messaging and support tips for divorcing individuals 

One way to make the emotional aspect of divorce easier is to practice acceptance, compassion, kindness and self-love. It may help to remind yourself that you’re resilient and strong. And it never hurts to proclaim yourself worthy of feeling loved and acknowledge that you’re amazing and unique even if you might not feel that way at that moment. 

Seek support from both personal and professional resources and help in coping with a divorcePersonal support people may include family and friends who will listen to them without inflaming their situations. Professional support people typically include individual coaches and attorneys. 

How a family law attorney can help 

A family law attorney in Missouri may help a divorcing individual seek a fair and comprehensive settlement with the other party at the negotiation table, which is generally less stressful than traditional divorce litigation. However, if some divorce issues, such as child custody and asset distribution, cannot be resolved through negotiation, the attorney will be prepared to litigate these matters in court. Either way, an attorney will seek the most personally favorable outcome for his or her client given the circumstances surrounding the divorce. 

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