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Tips for making the first year post-divorce a positive one

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2022 | Divorce |

The first year following divorce can be stressful, but it can also be transformative. This is because it sets the tone for how a divorcing individual views both love and life following the divorce. Fortunately, a couple of tips can help people who are going through divorce in Missouri to make their first post-divorce year a relatively positive one. 

Embracing a hobby 

One of the best steps a divorcing individual can take during the first post-divorce year is to try out a brand-new hobby. This hobby may range from painting to boxing, knitting, cycling or scrapbooking. This hobby should ideally be something done for personal enjoyment versus for the purpose of meeting a new friend or partner. 

Embracing a financial planner 

Divorcing individuals would also be wise to visit financial planners early on in the divorce process. These planners can help them to take steps to be stable financially in the first year following divorce and beyond. Consulting a financial expert is especially helpful for individuals who are getting divorced with extensive debt. A financial advisor may recommend that a divorcing individual in this situation begin to set new financial goals, such as saving up money for a new home or paying down credit card debt. 

Having legal support and guidance  

Getting in touch with an experienced Missouri family law attorney as soon as possible is also a smart move for those going through a divorce. A savvy attorney can help this individual to make personally favorable decisions regarding matters such as debt division, asset distribution and even spousal maintenance. One’s attorney will push for a settlement that will allow his or her client to remain as financially secure as possible long-term given the circumstances surrounding the marital breakup. 

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