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How to break divorce news to young children

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2022 | Divorce |

For parents who are going through a marital breakup, one of the most challenging aspects of this process is breaking the divorce news to the children. How this news is relayed is important given the fact that divorce can take an emotional toll on all parties involved, especially the children. Here are a few tips for sharing divorce news in a sensitive way for young children in Missouri.  

Planning the divorce talk with children 

When two parents decide to divorce, it would behoove them to plan out ahead of time what they will say to their children together. They should also ideally prepare for their children to ask them follow-up questions. As a general rule of thumb, the parents may want to avoid having this conversation right before bedtime, as it could interfere with their ability to sleep. Likewise, it is best to avoid having this discussion on a school holiday — a day designed for children to relax and have fun. 

When the divorcing parents begin their discussion, it is critical that they avoid casting blame on each other for the divorce as well. The less acrimonious the dialogue is, the easier it will be for the children to process it. In addition, the parents may want to clearly explain to their children what will remain the same versus what will be different moving forward as a result of the divorce.  

How an attorney can help 

Although navigating divorce with children can be tricky from both an emotional and a legal standpoint, an experienced family law attorney can help a divorcing parent through this process. Specifically, one’s attorney can help his or her client to make informed decisions about matters like child custody and child support. This can allow for much-needed peace of mind during what is often a rather challenging time. 

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