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Stakes are high in Bill Gates’ divorce

On Behalf of | May 14, 2021 | Divorce |

America’s most wealthy couple has decided to end their marriage. Most likely, everyone in Missouri knows who Bill Gates is. The Microsoft billionaire and his wife, Melinda, recently announced they would end their 27-year marriage and are heading for a divorce. Gates is the fourth wealthiest man in the world, and this divorce will be one of the largest divisions of personal assets ever on record.

A host of million-dollar properties

The couple owns a number of luxurious properties in the country. Among them are:

  • Main home worth more than $130 million
  • Beachfront mansion worth $43 million
  • Thousands of acres of farmland worth millions

Added to the list of real estate are four private planes, a vast collection of art, including a notebook of Leonardo da Vinci’s worth more than $30 million. The couple is known for their incredible philanthropic donations and have pledged millions to charities.

The Giving Pledge

No matter how the couple’s assets are split, they have decided most of their wealth will be given to charities upon their deaths, aside from $10 million that each of their three children will inherit. In fact, the couple — along with Warren Buffet — founded the Giving Pledge for those who have a high net worth, asking them to donate more than half their wealth to charity.

It is crucial for high-net-worth couples in Missouri to ensure all the smallest details are ironed out during the divorce process. One doesn’t have to have billions of dollars to benefit from the guidance of a lawyer experienced in divorce and family law issues. It is better to have wise advice before making any rash decisions concerning the legal aspects of divorce.

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