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9-year-old boy hopes to find forever family through adoption

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2020 | Adoptions |

Many families across Missouri and around the country are bound together by the miracle of adoption. Whether a couple decides to adopt because they are unable to have biological children or simply because they feel moved to do so, it can be a wonderful way to build a family, with just as much love and devotion as any other. Some make the choice to adopt older children as they are often overlooked as an option. Recently, one 9-year-old boy in his state’s foster care system decided to make a public plea for a forever family. Happily, thousands of people from around the country responded and it looks like his adoption story will soon be complete.

The boy appeared on a local news broadcast, saying he hoped he would be adopted. He even went so far as to say that if he had three wishes, he’d only need one — to be adopted by a forever family. He said he would love to have both a mom and a dad, but would be perfectly happy to be the son of a single parent as well.

After his story aired on the news, more than 10,000 applications to adopt him came into his local Department of Human Services. Even some of the interested prospective parents were already going through the adoption process when they saw him on the news and decided he’d be perfect for them. The agency representing him is hoping to keep him in his home state, to be close to his brother, already adopted by another family. However, it said it will consider his best interests overall. They also hope that anyone who doesn’t get to adopt him will consider adopting other children.

It looks like this boy is well on his way to finding a permanent home. For those here in Missouri moved by his story, they may want to consider adoption as it can be a wonderful gift to everyone involved. The process may best be guided by an experienced family law attorney, who can ensure that all pertaining legal matters are properly handled.

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