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Is it possible to have alimony payments increased?

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2019 | Modifications |

If you have recently divorced, you may be relying on alimony payments from your ex-spouse in order to get by. This could be especially true if you are the primary caregiver of your children.

It is possible that you will find it difficult to maintain your lifestyle and keep it at the same standard that it was before your divorce, and if this is the case, your settlement could feel unfair. Many in this position wonder if it is possible to modify their alimony payments so that they are actually increased.

Can alimony be modified in the state of Missouri?

It may be possible to have your alimony payments increased if certain conditions are present. If you want this to happen, the first course of action may be speaking to your former spouse about it. They might informally agree to modify the payments based on your reasoning.

If your ex-spouse does not agree to modify your alimony payments, you may be able to take legal action to successfully achieve your goal. For example, if you have recently lost your job or have suffered financial hardships due to an illness, your ex-spouse might be ordered to pay more alimony. Additionally, you might have the right to additional income if your ex-spouse has experienced a significant increase in income.

It is important to look into all the possible courses of action that will help you be successful in increasing your alimony payments. Make sure that you act as soon as you experience a change in circumstances.

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