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What is nesting really like?

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2018 | Child Custody And Support |

Nesting is a relatively new idea for child custody after divorce. The basics include keeping the children in one home, which is typically the one they lived in during the marriage. The couple continues to own that home. As time goes by, the parents move in and out, following a set custody schedule.

This is far different from the normal system of moving the children in and out of two homes owned by their parents. Some experts believe it really puts the kids first because it means that the divorce has a far less drastic impact on their lives. Typically, due to the expense involved, it is thought of as a potential solution for fairly wealthy couples.

But what is it really like? Is it the right solution for you?

Some of it depends on your relationship with your ex. One man said that nesting was not much different from the time when he and his wife were technically married. It had a different label since they were a divorced couple, but they faced many of the same challenges.

After all, couples who do this still see each other all of the time. They share living spaces. They share bills. They share responsibilities. If you and your ex can get along and do this easily, you get some freedom to live apart and pursue new relationships, but you do not get the physical and financial separation that comes with a more traditional divorce.

Some couples love nesting; others cannot imagine making it work. No matter how you feel about it, it does help to illustrate how many options you have for custody arrangements and why it is important to consider all of them carefully.

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