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Child custody agreements can come in many forms

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2018 | Divorce |

Parents in Missouri and throughout the country tend to have more flexibility when it comes to custody arrangements these days. In the past, a custody arrangement usually stipulated that a father would have limited time to see his children. However, custody arrangements today are centered around what is best for the child as opposed to what the parents want.

This has led to fathers receiving more equitable treatment when it comes to spending time with their children. A 2017 study found that children who had both parents in their lives as preschoolers had fewer behavioral issues. This was generally true even if they had to live in more than one house on a regular basis. Some families choose to keep their children in the same home while the parents take turns living with them; this is referred to as nesting.

Parents may also choose to continue living together but in separate bedrooms. Otherwise, they still interact with each other and their children during meals or other designated family times. Advances in technology can also make it easier for parents to stay in touch with their children when they are not together physically. The adults can benefit by communicating with each other to avoid fights over the condition of a marital home or other problems that can arise.

In a child custody matter, the best interest of the child is generally the top priority. Parents will ideally work toward an arrangement that makes the divorce easier on their children as opposed to easier on the parents. Those who are going through a divorce may want to talk to an attorney about ways to create an agreement that is good for the kids and works for both parents as well.

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