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Breaking up is hard to do. Dividing the possessions and property of your life together is hard enough. The two of you may also need to agree on child custody, visitation and parenting time arrangements. Here at the Law Office of Amy L. Gervich serving the greater St. Louis area, we understand how difficult these decisions can be. You may be divorcing your spouse, but your children will be yours forever.

Our attorneys treat clients like family. We are knowledgeable in divorce and child custody law, and work hard to protect your rights and those of your children. We are prepared to take your divorce to trial if that is in your best interest.

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Compassionate Child Custody Representation

Child custody is one of the most difficult issues facing parents in divorce. The law protects the interests of your children, and promotes what is best for them. If at all possible, you are much better off amicably negotiating child custody with your parenting partner. No judge in the world knows your child as well as you do, and no one can do a better job of protecting your child than you can.

We have considerable experience helping clients in the following areas of divorce law, including:

Understanding Custody

In Missouri, parents seeking divorce are encouraged to share legal and physical custody, unless one of the spouses has been convicted of domestic violence or has alcohol or drug problems. Legal custody is the power to make decisions on behalf of your child, including health care, which school the child will attend, and the right to attend school conferences. Physical custody is providing the day-to-day care for your child, including a safe, clean home, nutritious meals and compassionate supervision.

Many clients opt for joint custody, which simply means they share physical and legal custody, though not necessarily 50 -50. Visitation is usually awarded to the noncustodial parent. For seasoned counsel on the difficult issues surrounding child custody, visitation and support, count on a family law attorney at the Law Office of Amy L. Gervich.

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