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Will I benefit from filing for divorce first?

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2019 | Divorce |

When things are not going well in a marriage, it may be obvious for both spouses that divorce is an inevitability. However, there will likely be a significant amount of hesitation when it comes to taking action to file for divorce. You may still have hope that you could work things out, or you may worry about how a divorce could affect your children.

You may also have questions about whether it would be beneficial for you to take the initial action to file for divorce. The following are some reasons why being the person to file for divorce could be beneficial for you.

You’ll have the opportunity to get organized

By being the first to file for divorce, you’ll have the opportunity to be strategic in your approach. This means that you will have the time to gather the appropriate documents and think about the stance that you want to take.

You may have the choice regarding which state to file for divorce

If you and your spouse reside in different states, you may have the opportunity to choose which state to file in. This could potentially have huge financial benefits for you depending on your situation.

It could be beneficial for your mental health

Being the one to file for divorce means that you are the one in control. This could help you to feel empowered and may help you to gain closure in the aftermath of a heartbreaking situation.

If you are considering whether to file for divorce, you should reflect on the specific circumstances of your marriage and think carefully about your decision.

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