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Divorce can make you a better person

On Behalf of | May 18, 2023 | Divorce |

Divorce certainly poses emotional challenges, but it also offers benefits. Those in Missouri who can view the end of their marriage through a positive lens may find the proceedings easier to navigate. There are a couple of ways that divorce can make individuals better people.

Ways divorce can spark personal growth

Initially, divorce may sap a person’s confidence. Some individuals feel defeated by not being able to maintain their marriages, especially if affairs were part of their divorce stories. However, it’s also possible to use the divorce process to reframe their assumptions about their limitations and weaknesses, which can allow them to fuel their belief in themselves. This can help them face their fears and rebuild their strength.

The divorce process may also help develop some empathy. Divorcing individuals might feel more empathetic toward people facing loss in their lives. When they move toward forgiveness and acceptance in their situations with their exes, they may find it easier to see multiple viewpoints and consider the feelings of others. In addition, they might be more willing to let pride go and seek help from other individuals.

An attorney can help

Figuring out how to handle the various aspects of divorce, from child custody to asset distribution, can be overwhelming. But an experienced family law attorney in Missouri can help a client make educated decisions about such matters. The lawyer will focus on protecting the client’s rights and keep the client’s short- and long-term best interests at the forefront of the proceeding.

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