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Easy-to-miss assets that must be divided during divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2023 | Divorce |

When individuals in Missouri decide to get divorced, they have to focus on determining how to divide assets like real estate and cars. They may also be concerned about how to split their bank accounts and stock portfolios. However, there are also some less-obvious assets that they should also take into consideration during the property division process. Here is a rundown on assets that individuals tend to overlook when going through a divorce. 

Not-so-obvious assets  

Some marital assets that can be easy to overlook include retirement accounts that are still held at past employers’ companies. These assets could also include any assets or family money that was brought into a couple’s marriage. Business income and assets are important to split during divorce as well if either party owns a business. 

Various documents can help in determining how much of each asset must be divided. These include the latest tax filings and a business’s balance sheets. A credit report can also be invaluable for identifying debts that need to be divided during the divorce process as well. 

How an attorney can help 

A family law attorney in Missouri can help a divorcing individual to pursue his or her fair share of assets at the negotiation table during the property division process. For this reason, it is critical that a person who is going through a divorce contact an attorney at the earliest opportunity The attorney will focus on protecting the client’s rights and best interests during all stages of the divorce proceeding. 

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