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Why is the divorce rate dropping in Missouri?

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2023 | Divorce |

You might be surprised to learn that the divorce rate is dropping in Missouri. Since no-fault divorce became legal and the taboo against divorce has faded, divorce has become much more common than it was 100 or even 50 years ago.

But the numbers (apparently) don’t lie. A study by the website Quote Wizard reports that three people per 1,000 Missouri residents are divorced, a drop of 14 percent since 2011. It appears to be a nationwide trend; the divorce rate in the U.S. as a whole went down 17 percent since 2011, with almost every state experiencing a drop, with one state’s rate (Massachusetts) plummeting by 32 percent.

Fewer divorces and fewer marriages

There are probably several reasons people are getting divorced less. One likely explanation is that marriage is not as common as it used to be either. Missouri’s marriage rate has dropped by 4 percent since 2011. Though the change in marriage and divorce rates don’t match, the fewer couples who get married, the fewer potential divorces there are. Meanwhile, couples who cohabitate and never get married sometimes still break up, but they don’t need a divorce. It could also be that people are waiting longer to get married and thus are more likely to choose a spouse who is a good match.

Divorce will always be an option

Divorce may be getting less common in St. Louis County. But it is still a fact of life that not every marriage is successful. Rather than stay in an unhappy marriage, you can take charge of your future. But to ensure your post-divorce life is stable and satisfying, you need reasonable resolutions to matters like property division and child custody.

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