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Things that spouses may use against each other in a divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2022 | Divorce |

Dealing with divorce can be challenging, especially when the separation is not amicable. For this reason, it is important to understand what evidence can be offered in court. Here are a couple of things that spouses may use against each other in an effort to gain an upper hand in a divorce proceeding 

Posts on social media 

One spouse might choose to use the other’s posts on social media to paint a negative picture of that individual in court. For instance, these posts may feature disparaging remarks that the other party has made about the other spouse or his or her family. The posts might document expensive trips taken or items purchased despite the fact that the other party is requesting that the court award him or her spousal maintenance in the divorce. 

Text messages 

Text messages may also be used as evidence during a divorce proceeding if they are relevant to the issues at hand. For instance, one party may have told a friend by text that he or she was drinking and driving with the kids in the car. In this situation, the other spouse may present this in court with the goal of gaining custody of the children. 

Legal support is often critical 

Although navigating divorce can seem overwhelming, an experienced Missouri family law attorney can help pursue a fair and comprehensive settlement at the negotiation table. This tends to be less stressful than fighting about the issues at trial. However, some divorce matters — like complicated child custody issues  — may need to be resolved before a judge. An attorney will be prepared to litigate these issues while keeping his or her client’s best interests at the forefront of the divorce proceeding. 

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