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Signs that a spouse is considering getting divorced

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2022 | Divorce |

Married individuals in Missouri may gauge their union’s health by examining how they communicate and the quality of the time they spend together. However, more accurate indicators of their union’s strength might come in their daily interactions, including the questions they ask one another regularly. Here are a couple of questions that one spouse may ask the other if he or she is contemplating divorce. 

Questions that may point to divorce 

If a married individual asks when his or her spouse plans to visit a therapist, this can be an indicator that he or she is playing the blame game. In other words, this individual has likely stopped accepting responsibility for the marriage’s shortcomings. As a result, the two parties may not be able to collaborate on how to make their marriage work, which may ultimately lead to divorce. 

In addition, if one party asks the other spouse if the two of them can stop spending so much time together, this can be a red flag. This is because, even though it is healthy for couples to have lives outside of their marriage, their outside lives ideally should not impact their marriage. If one person wants to spend less time with the other person, this is a sign that divorce is likely on the way. 

Where to turn for help and legal support 

When divorce is inevitable, it is wise to get in touch with an experienced Missouri family law attorney as soon as possible. A savvy attorney can help a divorcing individual to pursue a fair and comprehensive settlement with his or her future ex-spouse at the negotiation table. With that said, one’s attorney will also be prepared to litigate any unresolved matters, such as asset distribution or child custody, in court if necessary. Acquiring adequate legal support before proceeding into these challenging times can reduce a lot of the stress and complications involved while increasing the odds of achieving the best outcome possible. 

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