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Making the holidays less stressful during divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2022 | Divorce |

The holidays can be one of the hardest times to deal with during the divorce process. Going to both parents’ houses for the holidays can be stressful for children, and the same is true for gift-giving. However, there are a few ways that divorcing parents can make the holidays a little merrier for their little ones in Missouri. 

Healthy holiday practices and traditions 

When the holidays arrive, children generally want to treat their parents fairly by getting them similar gifts. However, they may also hesitate to ask one parent for help with choosing a gift for the other party. One solution is to have a third party help the kids choose presents for each parent.  

Divorcing parents who are not spending this Thanksgiving or Christmas Day with their children may want to change their holiday traditions. For instance, they could spend the holiday with friends rather than hanging out with relatives who have kids. They can also celebrate with their children before or after the official holiday. 

Legal help and support can prove invaluable  

Figuring out how to navigate the divorce process can be overwhelming, especially for parents with young children. However, an experienced Missouri family law attorney can help a divorcing individual to seek the best solution when it comes to matters like child custody and child support. The attorney can also help the client secure a fair share of marital assets while also ensuring the client’s rights and best interests are protected during all stages of the divorce proceeding. 

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