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Behavioral indicators that a divorce is inevitable

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2022 | Divorce |

When it comes to human psychology, research has indicated that a few core relationship issues are indicators that a married couple is likely to split. Unfortunately, these issues are relatively common. Here are some of the top relationship behaviors that predict divorce in the United States, including in Missouri. 


In some marriages, one spouse may be inclined to defend him or herself when conversing with the other spouse, rather than taking responsibility for individual actions. An example of being defensive is when one spouse talks to the other about having been hurt, and the other spouse offers excuses for why this could not be avoided. Of course, it’s crucial for both parties to feel understood and, in turn, feel safe with each other. 


Stonewalling is when one spouse shuts down and withdraws from conversations with the other spouse. It’s another sign that the pair may be headed for divorce. For instance, one spouse might leave the room simply to avoid being near the other party. But healthy marriages require both spouses to show that they care about each other’s feelings. 

The benefits of legal support  

When an individual is faced with no choice but to get divorced, enlisting the help of a family law attorney in Missouri right away is a wise idea. An experienced attorney can help the individual to pursue his or her fair share of assets at the negotiation table, and, if necessary, the attorney will be prepared to litigate property division matters and other divorce issues, such as child custody. A savvy attorney’s focus will be to ensure that his or her client’s best interests are upheld during all stages of the divorce proceeding while working diligently toward the best possible outcome. 

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