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Tips for successfully navigating a gray divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2022 | Divorce |

Getting divorced in Missouri is a challenge at any age. However, divorce presents unique issues for older individuals – those who are in their 50s or older. Here are a couple of tips for making the most of a gray divorce.

Have a support team

One of the wisest moves a person can make during a gray divorce is to seek help from a financial adviser. This is particularly important for divorcing spouses who have less monetary savings than their counterparts do. Financial advisers can help make wise decisions about which assets to keep versus give away based on the financial risks associated with each decision.

In addition to seeking financial guidance, individuals who are going through gray divorce should also consider the support of relationship experts and therapists. These professionals may provide helpful insights into the life adjustments the individual may need to make in the future with the ex-spouse as well as the ex’s family members and friends associated. Therapists can also help divorcing individuals process their feelings in a healthy way so that their emotions do not negatively impact their relationships and other aspects of life.

Legal support can prove invaluable

Enlisting the help of a lawyer as soon as possible is also essential during a gray divorce. An experienced divorce attorney in Missouri will pursue a settlement for his or her client that is fair, comprehensive and reflects the client’s best interests regarding matters like asset distribution, debt division and even spousal maintenance. One’s attorney will also always work diligently to ensure that the divorcing individual’s rights are protected during all stages of the divorce process.

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