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Fight for your future by finding hidden assets during divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2022 | Divorce |

Your financial future after a divorce depends on the terms of your final property division order. It is essential that the terms of the order are fair and reasonable, based on an honest disclosure of all marital assets and debts. Your divorce could be exceptionally complicated in the event the other spouse is not honest during the required financial disclosure. Hidden assets can make it difficult to secure your rightful share of marital property. 

If you suspect hidden assets in your divorce, you have the right to fight for a fair final order. This may mean pursuing a full understanding of all marital assets that your spouse may be trying to hide. With the right help and guidance, you can fight for what you need for a financially secure future after your divorce is final. 

Locating and valuing all marital assets 

Hidden assets can significantly impact the terms of your final divorce order. In order to secure your rightful share of marital property, you may have to take certain steps that will allow you to secure what you need for stability and continuity of lifestyle after your divorce is final. If you suspect that your spouse is attempting to keep assets from you, there are some red flags that may indicate there could be a problem in the disclosures. Some of these include: 

  • Inconsistencies with tax returns 
  • Claims that assets were given away or gifted to someone else 
  • Creation of false debt 
  • Transferring assets to a third-party 

A careful inventory of your financial records is the first step when you suspect that hidden assets could affect your final divorce order. If there are assets your spouse is not disclosing, there are steps you can take that will allow you to identify this property, place an appropriate value on it and seek your rightful share of all your marital assets. 

Your future starts now 

Your future is on the line when navigating property division matters during a divorce in Missouri. When dealing with the possibility of hidden assets, you will benefit from the guidance of professionals who can provide insight regarding the most effective way you can pursue a beneficial outcome to your case. An assessment of your financial records, objectives and concerns can allow you to secure a beneficial outcome to your divorce case. 

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