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Tricks that spouses may employ before initiating divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2022 | Divorce |

Sometimes, divorce is initiated by one person rather than being mutually desired. In this situation, the unhappy spouse may make some financial moves unbeknownst to the other party before revealing his or her desire to get divorced. Here is a look at a couple of tactics that the initiator of the divorce may use ahead of time in Missouri, thereby putting the other party at a disadvantage financially.  

Computer hacking 

An individual who decides to initiate a divorce due to suspecting that the other person is cheating might decide to hack the other party’s laptop or phone to track his or her finances and whereabouts. Alternatively, this individual may hire somebody to do this. If the individual finds evidence of adulterous behavior, then he or she may present this in court during the divorce proceeding.  

Excessive shopping 

Individuals who are eager to get divorced may decide to amass excessive amounts of debt on their joint accounts with their spouses. In this way, they can acquire the assets they want and need while leaving their spouses to have to pay off this debt collectively. This strategy is unethical, but individuals who are getting ready to file for marital dissolution often employ it.  

How an attorney can help 

Figuring out how to navigate the financial aspect of divorce can be both legally and emotionally challenging. This is particularly true when a divorcing individual believes that his or her spouse is engaging in the abovementioned underhanded behaviors, which can create an unfair disadvantage during the divorce proceeding. Fortunately, an experienced attorney in Missouri can help a client to seek his or her fair share of assets and perhaps even spousal maintenance depending on the circumstances of the marriage. An attorney’s ultimate goal is to protect his or her client’s best interests during each stage of the proceeding. 

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