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How to ease a child’s transition into new home post-divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2022 | Divorce |

A challenging aspect of any divorce in Missouri is leaving the marital home behind and acclimating to a new home. This is especially true when young children are involved. However, a couple of tips may help to make a child’s transition to a new home following divorce easier. 

Preparing the children 

Most divorcing parents discuss with their children how their lives will likely look following the  divorce is concluded. For instance, if both parents will live near each other — which is recommended — then they can reassure their children that they will get to see both parents regularly. In addition, if the parents know of other family members or friends who are divorced, they can share this with their children so that the children understand that divorce is relatively normal. 

Developing spaces for the children 

It also makes sense to create special spaces for the children in any new homes following the divorce. For instance, a parent could create a special corner in the living area that belongs solely to the child — a space where he or she can read books and relax. It may even behoove the parent to hang up a photo of the child with the other parent to make the child feel even more comfortable during the transition to life post divorce. 

Seeking an attorney’s help 

A parent who is going through divorce should also ideally consult a family law attorney in Missouri as soon as possible to discuss matters like child custody and child support. An experienced attorney will push for a settlement agreement that reflects the parent’s wishes and most importantly takes into consideration the child’s best interests. If necessary, the attorney will be prepared to litigate these matters in court, ensuring that his or her client’s rights are protected each step of the way. 

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