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Steps to take before seeing a divorce attorney

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2022 | Divorce |

Navigating a marital breakup can no doubt be overwhelming from a financial, legal and emotional standpoint. However, enlisting the help of an attorney early on in the process can help to make the divorce process less stressful. Still, before reaching out to an attorney, a divorcing individual in Missouri would be wise to take a couple of steps to begin the process on the right foot.

Financial preparation

One of the wisest steps a divorcing individual can take prior to meeting with an attorney is to assemble his or her financial documents. This process involves compiling a detailed accounting of one’s current income, major expenses, assets and debts. This will help to make the process of exchanging financial disclosures with the other party easier. It will also help one to make more educated decisions regarding monetary matters, such as asset division and child support, with the attorney’s guidance.

Social media tips

Divorcing individuals may also want to quit utilizing social media. Not being on social media may help them to avoid stumbling upon content that is emotionally challenging for them to read or view as they begin to navigate divorce. In addition, any content they share related to their divorce situations could be used against them by the other party in divorce court.

How an attorney can help with the divorce process

A family law attorney’s chief goal in Missouri during the divorce process is to help clients pursue a fair settlement with their future ex-spouses. If a settlement cannot be attained, then the divorce attorney will be prepared to litigate any matters that remain unresolved, such as spousal support. An experienced attorney will ultimately make sure that his or her client’s rights and best interests are protected during the divorce proceeding while working diligently toward achieving the best possible outcome.

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