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Keeping the holidays special for your children after divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2021 | Divorce |

The first holiday season after their parents’ divorce can be a challenging time for children. It’s a reminder that things at home are not the way they used to be. That can be a good thing in some ways, especially you and your ex were very unhappy or fought a lot. But it can still be sad and upsetting not to be spending Christmas or New Year’s Day with both of your parents.

There are things you can do to make this first holiday season after divorce a little easier for your kids. Here are a few strategies.

Make it about them, not you

Your kids’ happiness and well-being are what is most important, not yours. If they are spending Christmas with your ex, do your best to accept it and make other plans for yourself. Or, if possible, you can your ex can get together so your children can celebrate with both parents. If not, and the kids are splitting time with you and their other parent, coordinate things like gift-giving and meal times to make things as smooth as possible.

Start new traditions

Some of the holiday family traditions you observed during your marriage may no longer be possible. But this is an opportunity to start new traditions together with the children.

Put a pause on divorce proceedings

If your divorce is still ongoing, the holidays can be an excellent time to set negotiations aside for a while. This can help any lingering tension fade so the children can enjoy themselves.

Your children can have a fun and fulfilling holidays if you and your ex agree to make it a priority.

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