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Being rude during a divorce may backfire

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2021 | Divorce |

Rudeness usually never bodes well under any circumstance and as the old adage goes, one may be able to catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. The same might be said for Missouri couples who have made the decision to divorce, especially when they share children. Being polite to a soon-to-be former spouse during mediation or settlement meetings may make the going a lot less stressful. Acting like an adult — calm, cool and collected — may improve a parent’s chances of custody and/or visitation of their children.

Those who are looking to receive child or spousal support payments need to be mindful when communicating with a former spouse or partner. Any negative comments should be kept to oneself. Making disparaging comments publicly can be even more detrimental since it could cause the person’s reputation to become tarnished or could result in job loss, and without income it may be difficult for a payor to continue to make regular support payments.

Another thing to stay away from when it comes to divorce is any kind of social media. Discussing personal elements of a divorce in a public forum may backfire during a divorce proceeding. These types of things may be used as evidence in court. It could actually undermine a person’s ability to receive a favorable settlement.

Divorce is difficult even when the people involved are amicable. Even if there aren’t many contentious issues, each person should seek independent legal advice from a Missouri attorney experienced in family law. It is helpful to know the ‘shoulds and the should nots’ during the divorce process.

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