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Child custody: Visitation with infants may be challenging

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2020 | Child Custody And Support |

It’s important both parents are part of a child’s life after their marriage has ended. Once parents in Missouri have figured out the details of child custody, a visitation schedule needs to be set up, but that’s often difficult when the child is still an infant and has very definitive needs. There is no one way to solve this issue, but most experts say visits should be of short duration to start.

Having an infant for an overnight stay is not always practical, especially if the child is a baby and still breastfeeding and the visit is with the father. Whichever parent with whom the child is visiting can spend more time with the parent as he or she gets older. Some courts will not order overnight visitations until the child is at least 3 years old, though there are certainly others that do. Taking small steps in these instances may be the best way to proceed.

Barring any court order stating otherwise, both parents have the right to forge a bond with their baby and that means spending time with him or her. Parents will eventually be able to get into a routine using a schedule that respects their custodial rights as the child’s parents. The infant can spend more time visiting as the child grows to handle it.

The advice of a Missouri attorney experienced in child custody and visitation may be helpful as a parent tries to make his or her way through the time the child is an infant. Parents may need assistance to determine an optimum schedule. If one parent feels his or her rights are being infringed upon, he or she may take the case to litigation for the right to see the child. An attorney may be able to help negotiate a visitation schedule that works.

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