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Should I adopt my stepchildren?

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After a divorce involving children, many remarriages result in a blended family. New couples navigate this new dynamic at their own pace and in their own ways, with mixed results for different families.

Some new blended families take off quickly and become close, while others can take many years to congeal, if ever. Ex-spouses often play a huge role in how smoothly a blended family forms, since contentious relationships can derail peaceful relations. Tension sometimes arises over decisions made by stepparents related to the children, even if the decision was logical or necessary.

In some cases, the ex-spouse is either unfit for full custody and support, or is deceased. In those instances, a new stepparent might choose to take on a full parental role.

Adoption can protect stepparents’ legal rights

In families where the stepparent plays a central role in a child’s upbringing, there are some major factors to consider, including whether adopting stepchildren could be a practical next step.

Stepchild adoptions can serve a couple of purposes: enabling a stepparent to have the same rights as the child’s biological parents, and to provide a more solid foundation of support for children. The latter is especially relevant if a biological parent is deceased or absent.

Having the same rights as a biological parent entitles stepparents to higher levels of decision-making, and can even lead to potential custody of the children if their spouse dies.

Drawbacks to adoption

While the act of adopting stepchildren has many benefits for a blended family, there are a few considerations to make about consequences that could arise for the adoptive stepparent.

The most obvious issue is that a stepparent who choses adoption becomes financially responsible for the child. If the marriage with the child’s biological parent ends, the stepparent will be ordered to pay child support.

Additionally, if the other biological parent is still alive but simply unable to properly provide and care for the child, they may create conflict over the adoption and the termination of their parental rights. This is an issue that you can prepare for, but should be aware of regardless.

By adopting a stepchild, you can show your blended family your commitment and care. Taking on the legal responsibilities for a child is a major decision, but when chosen in the right circumstances, the payoff can last a lifetime.


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