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How does supervised visitation work?

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2019 | Child Custody And Support |

The child custody courts want all children to have a positive relationship with both their parents when it is possible. But they also want to protect their well-being and safety as a top priority. If a parent wants to have a relationship with their child, but they are suffering from issues such as addiction or mental illness, the courts may decide that supervised visitation is necessary to ensure their safety.

This means that all contact that the parent has with the child must be done with the supervision of another individual. The following are two common ways in which supervised visits can be carried out.

Supervised visitation with another family member

The courts may elect another person who is close to the child to supervise visitations. For example, a child’s grandparents may be required to be present when the child is with their parent. This will help to foster a natural environment for the child while ensuring the child’s safety at all times.

A supervised visitation at a visitation center

If it is believed that the parent is particularly high-risk or if previous visitations with family members did not go well, supervised visitations may have to take place at a visitation center. This type of visitation is highly regulated. The visiting parent will need to check-in at the visitation center at a certain time, and the visit will be observed with a counselor or social worker.

Supervised visits are often used as a temporary measure so that the child can maintain their relationship with their parent, even if they are going through a tough time. Modifications can be made if the visiting parent can show that they no longer pose any risk.

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