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The most common forms of adoption

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2019 | Adoptions |

Embarking on the process of adoption can be the beginning of a long road. It’s important that you do not rush into the process because making sure that you are making the best possible decisions for your family is vital for the long-term success of an adoption.

If you are still in the research phase of the adoption process, it is likely that you are curious about the different types of adoption that could be available to you. The following are some of the most common types of adoption and the circumstances in which they can be appropriate.

Agency adoption

Probably the most common and accepted form of adoption is agency adoption. This can involve either private or public agencies that work with adoptive parents to match them with a child who will benefit from adoption. It’s common for children adopted through public agencies to be older, and they have often experienced abuse in the past.

Identified adoption

Identified adoption involves the process of arranging an adoption between a pregnant mother and prospective adoptive parents. This is a preferable option for many adoptive parents who want to adopt a newborn.

International adoption

International adoption has increased in popularity over the last 20 years since international travel has become more accessible. Many parents want to go down this route because they believe that they are helping a child who may otherwise have very poor future prospects.

If you are considering adoption in Missouri, it is important that you consider what your preferences and needs are as a family. By considering this carefully, you will be in a better position to move forward confidently.

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