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Dealing with false accusations in child custody battles

On Behalf of | May 24, 2019 | Child Custody And Support |

Being involved in a high-conflict custody battle can be highly draining. No loving parent should have to fight to have a relationship with their child. The family law courts seek to find a solution that is in the best interests of the child, and they try to make it possible for the kids to have a good relationship with both parents. However, when one parent makes false accusations against the other, the situation can become more complex.

In the interest of safety, the courts will need to investigate any allegations made against a parent. For example, if the other parent of your child accuses you of being abusive, they will need to look into this because they want to ensure that the child is never exposed to an abusive environment. However, if no evidence of abuse is found, there would be no reason to prevent you from having custodial rights.

False allegations can backfire

You are likely to feel angry and frustrated when you are subject to false allegations by the other parent. However, it is important to remember that false allegations can easily backfire. When there is no proof of these allegations, the other parent will be seen to be acting against the best interests of the child.

The truth always prevails

There is no reason to get angry over false allegations because when you have the right support, the truth will always prevail. It is important that you document everything and that you ensure that justice is done. If you are feeling frustrated by being subjected to false allegations, it is important to know how to assert your rights.

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