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Understanding the 3 types of child custody

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2019 | Child Custody And Support |

If you have recently separated from the other parent of your child, it is likely that you are largely unfamiliar with the way that child custody works in Missouri. You will, however, want to make sure that your child does not suffer as a result of the separation of their parents. This is why it is important that you make sure that you understand the way that the law works so that you can petition for the best possible arrangement.

There are three main types of custody in Missouri, and it is important to understand the differences between them. Custody is established based upon what the courts consider to be in the best interests of the child.

Legal custody

To have legal custody means that you have the ability to have a say on major decisions impacting your child’s life. For example, it means that you can decide what school they will go to, the type of medical care that they will receive and what religion they will be exposed to.

Physical custody

Physical custody refers to where the child will physically be living. This could be solely with one parent, or they could be sharing time between their parents’ homes.


Even if a parent does not have physical custody, it can still be possible to spend time with them through visitation.

There are many different types of custody setups that help families achieve the best routine for their child based on the circumstances. If you want to ensure that you get custody of your child, it is important that you understand the law and take the appropriate action.

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