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Typical signs that your marriage could be headed for divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2018 | Divorce |

It takes a lot of work, sacrifice and change for a marriage to be successful. Even the most unselfish of individuals cannot make a relationship work alone. There’s no secret formula for a perfect marriage as every relationship is different.

However, most marriages will experience the same warning signs that could signal a future divorce. Be on the lookout for the signs discussed in today’s post.

Not wanting to go home

One of the most common signs that divorce could be in your future is when you do anything possible to refrain from coming home after work or once you are done running errands. Going to the mall to walk aimlessly, doing unnecessary shopping, meeting up with friends and doing anything but going home means you do not want to see your spouse.

Constantly blaming your spouse

Another common sign of divorce is when you place blame on your spouse for everything under the sun. A relationship needs to be a give and take. You need to take ownership of your mistakes, but there’s no reason for blaming your spouse for things that go wrong. A relationship takes two people, not just one.

Changing goals

When your idea of the marriage has changed drastically, divorce could be on the horizon. For example, maybe the two of you were planning on having children and now your spouse no longer wants children. This can be very difficult to live with, especially knowing that your spouse no longer has the same relationships views as you.

There are quite a few signs that divorce could be in your future. Don’t wait until it’s too late to pick up on these signs. Prepare yourself now for what might come in your marriage. The more you learn about these signs the less surprised you will be if it becomes time to get a divorce.

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