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Can a wedding date affect the likelihood of divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2018 | Divorce |

When people in Missouri choose a date for their wedding, they may think it has little relevance to their likelihood of divorce. However, according to some researchers at the University of Melbourne, choosing certain dates for a wedding is linked to a higher probability of divorce. In a study of 1 million couples, the researchers said that Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, was the worst day to get married; of couples who married on that date, 11 percent divorced within 5 years of the wedding. Even more, 9 years later, over 20 percent had ended their marriage.

Valentine’s Day was not the only date that the researchers identified as problematic. People who married on “special number days,” like Sept. 9, 1999, or Dec. 12, 2012, were more likely to divorce. While this could be attributed to a number of factors, the researchers said it could indicate that the couples involved were more concerned with the wedding itself than the marriage to come. They may also be younger or less experienced with relationships. In addition, couples may choose these dates on the spur of the moment and opt for a quick wedding despite the length of their own relationships. Others may have excessively romantic expectations for marriage and be disappointed in the practical reality.

It can be easy for couples to begin to develop conflicts, especially after marriage. If partners did not live together before marrying, they may soon discover incompatibilities in their interests, financial approaches or even hygiene habits.

Of course, the wedding date itself is never a reason why couples choose to divorce. When a spouse is thinking about seeking a split, a family law attorney may be able to provide detailed information and guidance. A lawyer may work with a client to protect their interests in the divorce, including on matters like property division or child custody.

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