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Creating a parenting schedule that works for the family

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2018 | Divorce |

When Missouri parents get divorced, they may end up with joint custody of the kids. For those who have this type of child custody arrangement, creating a parenting schedule can be important when it comes to a stable home life for the kids.

Going through a divorce can be just as difficult for the children as it can be for the parents. Because they are the ones who may be going back and forth between two households, parents should put themselves in their children’s shoes so that they have a better understanding of how the schedule will have an impact on the kids’ lives. If the children are old enough, parents may wish to get their input. While parents may overrule them on certain things, giving the kids a chance to make some decisions can make them feel like their voice is being heard.

Parents will also need to consider logistics when creating a parenting schedule. Transportation can be particularly difficult if parents do not live near each other. This could mean that the children live with one parent primarily during the school year and spend large amounts of time during the summer with the other parent. If the two parents live nearby, it may be practical for the children to split their time between the two households.

Some parents are able to remain amicable while they go through the divorce process. However, when it comes to dealing with child custody issues, some may find it more difficult to remain friendly as they start to determine who the kids will be with and when. A family law attorney may assist with drafting a parenting plan and a parenting schedule that allows a parent to maintain a strong relationship with the kids. The attorney may also help ensure that the plan is fair and beneficial for both the parent and the children.

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