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Why revenge shouldn’t be the goal of a divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2018 | Divorce |

Missouri residents may feel like divorce is the best way to get back at a spouse who has cheated or committed some other unsavory act. However, this is generally not the case. While trying to exact revenge on a spouse, a parent may inadvertently put his or her kids in the middle of the dispute. It is important to remember that children should have positive relationships with both parents.

In fact, an individual’s own relationship with his or her children could be damaged by not allowing a relationship with the other parent to develop. In some cases, getting revenge doesn’t make an adult feel any better either. While there may be short-term satisfaction from obtaining it, that feeling rarely lasts. It is also important for those seeking a divorce to know that the judge may not be moved to hear about the bad things a spouse supposedly did.

Instead, a judge or other parties involved in settling a divorce are more concerned with dividing up assets. No-fault divorce is an option in most states, which means that what a spouse may have done in the past may play no role in the final settlement. Finally, instead of getting revenge, what a person may want and need most is to set boundaries after a bad relationship.

At the end of a marriage, a person may experience a variety of emotions. may include anger and feelings of betrayal. An attorney can often act as an objective adviser who may be able to help a client obtain a favorable settlement.

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