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Determining where your child’s needs most lie in divorce

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Children are, by nature, resilient people who can bounce back from adversity and overcome obstacles life tosses their way. As a Missouri parent, you do your best to support, encourage and inspire your kids to reach their full potentials. When you shared the news of your impending divorce with them, you figured you’d face several challenges in the near future as they adapt to their new lifestyles. Hopefully, you have a strong support network on hand to help you.

The problem is that it’s not always easy to identify and interpret children’s needs. If you know where to get help, you may be able to keep major stress at bay. In the meantime, researching children’s needs at various developmental stages in life may impact your ability to help them navigate your divorce.

What do kids need?

You may not know what every kid needs, but you definitely are the best person to determine what your own child needs. Child analysts also study children’s lifestyle habits, needs and experiences in order to provide parents with information regarding how to help them bounce back after divorce. The following list of needs may be pertinent to your situation: 

  • A child who regresses is showing signs of distress. If you notice your child acting less mature or even infantile on occasion, it may have something to do with the way he or she is handling your divorce.
  • Teenagers, in particular, may act out or rebel in response to news that parents are divorcing. This stage in life is often challenging for many reasons. The less confrontation you engage in with your teens, the better. 
  • Toddlers need ample time with both parents (as all children do) and may suffer stranger or separation anxiety. In short, the more time you spend with your children as a primary caregiver, the better. 

It’s also a good idea to seek counseling as a family, if needed. There may be support networks in your area where parents who have gone through similar situations can lean on one another and share stories about their experiences. Sometimes, just knowing others can relate to your situation may help you overcome obstacles and set the tone for a bright and happy future.

Facing other types of problems

Any child-related issue that can’t be resolved over a cup of coffee or phone call may require third-party intervention. Many Missouri parents turn to experienced family law attorneys for help in such circumstances.

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