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Establishing paternity is important for your child. It gives him or her the security of monthly child support and also gives your child important rights under the law:

  • The right to inherit property, Social Security or Veterans' benefits from the birth father
  • The right to have the birth father involved in the child's life
  • The right to access the birth father's medical history, including family history of cancer, heart disease and diabetes

The attorneys at the Law Office of Amy L. Gervich have a track record of success in representing mothers who would like to pursue paternity claims. We also represent fathers interested in establishing parental rights, and defend fathers against false paternity claims. Our lawyers have ample experience in family and paternity law, and are committed to promoting the best interests of the child and the family. We represent mothers and fathers throughout the greater St. Louis, Missouri, area, including Clayton.

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Establishing Paternity in Missouri

A birth father may acknowledge paternity at the time the child is born with a declaration of paternity. By signing this document, the father's name may be placed on the birth certificate. The declaration of paternity establishes him as the father. It does NOT grant him legal obligation of child support, or rights to child custody and visitation. That must be done separately through a court order. An attorney at the Law Office of Amy L. Gervich can help the birth parent work out a favorable agreement for child support, child and visitation, avoiding the expense of costly litigation.

If a birth father refuses to acknowledge paternity, the birth mother may pursue a paternity suit. If paternity is contested, the court will order a paternity test in order to be 98 percent sure. The man named as the birth father has the right to contest paternity based on a DNA test, but must schedule a hearing within a limited amount of time or lose his right to contest the finding.

Missouri paternity law is complex, and constantly changing, making it difficult for people to represent themselves. Our lawyers zealously protect the rights of birth fathers, and men who have been wrongly named as birth fathers. We pursue justice for birth mothers, and for the children they have brought into the world.

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